Saturday, March 04, 2006

Intro to

Wi-Fi networks are greatest way to connect computers to each other or to the internet itself without using wires. Allowing you to roam freely about the office, home, libraries, coffee shops, hotels or anywhere people congregate. With the info gathered on our site you can make wireless connections ranging from 1 to 10 miles. Maybe more!

Our site usbwifi was inspired by information I found on the net. I owe most of what I know to info found on Stan Swan's site, located in New Zealand.

Between our site and this BLOG, we hope to help you get the most out of your wifi system through innovative adaptations of products currently found on the market.

We are hoping to make our site and this BLOG the best goto pages regarding wifi on the net, so that you will come here before you go anywhere else.

I will be updating the site as new ideas are developed. Your suggestions are welcome. is the new home for my original page at: Please feel free to visit both. All new content will be added to my new site.

Remember, the internet will only be as good as we make it. Lets start a new revolution!